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Nicole. Online Hair Academy

You can learn "Philosophy" "Essence" "Passion" "Technology" "Thinking" "Kansei" with video contents. Watch and learn "our identity"

Salon work, hair color, makeup, shooting, contest, hair makeup, hair show, collection, etc ...
We hope you learn about our creativity!

-It is prohibited to transfer the content inside the academy or the content sent by the owner to outside the academy (all media and media including oral and SNS).
・ Prohibition of acts that correspond to slander, intimidation, or harassment of other users.
・ Please note that if any of the above prohibitions are recognized, we may consider you to be forcibly withdrawn.

  1. After the member registration and press the "Selecting the Plan" (Free), video content from the page again in the admission after confirming get to choose the press the "Selecting the plan" a monthly plan or annual plan becomes a paid member [MEMBERSHIP], forum, etc. Can be used at any time.

  2. For annual members, we will invite you to the "annual member group" after confirmation. Since it is a school, the annual plan has more benefits.

  3. Free members can only purchase videos from [OUR VIDEOS] on the top page.


This is the cover page of the artists of Nicole. Online Hair Academy.

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