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THE MOMENT for Nozomi Iijima

Special collaboration content between Nicole.Online Hair Academy and Nozomi Iijima


Due to the influence of COVID-19, which is spreading all over the world, contests, hair shows, etc. have been postponed or canceled in the hairdresser industry. How about expressing a hair show as digital content while there are various online contents?

Isn't it necessary to have beauty creativity at such times? In order to give shape to such a question, we welcomed Nozomi Iijima, a world-famous ballet dancer, to create an online hair show that can only be seen here.


I hope you can feel "our identity" through beautiful people and beautiful hair.



Nozomi Iijima (Nozomi Iijima)

Ballet dancer. Born in Osaka.

Started ballet at the age of six. In 2007, he went to the United States alone at the age of 15.

Became a trainee of the Houston Ballet Company and signed a professional contract the following year. At the time of joining the group, he made his professional debut as the youngest contract. Promoted to Principal of the Houston Ballet in March 2019

He also attracted attention as a fashionista through Instagram , starting with the 17-year "Chanel N ° 5 Low" global project that expressed the "world view of fragrance" in dance, and the ambassador of the 18-year watch collection "Code Coco", " It is also used in the digital campaigns of "Rouge Allure" and "Vitalumiere Glow" .

In addition, he became a Chanel Beauty Ambassador, etc.

The field of activity is expanding further

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