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About Nicole. Online Hair Academy.& Art Direction. 

It is a word of [creative love] that our salon has cultivated many hair designers who are active in the beauty industry on the occasion of the 20th anniversary.This is the basis of our creativity

「Philosophy 」「Essential」「passion」「Technique」「expression  」「Sensitivity」


A seminar to see and learn to leave these things. We have opened「Nicole.Online Hair Academy」Salon work ,color design ,finish work ,shooting ,makeup & contest etc、We hope you can learn with our experienced teachers.Please feel our identity!!

-It is prohibited to transfer the content inside the academy or the content sent by the owner to outside the academy (all media and media including oral and SNS).
・ Prohibition of acts that correspond to slander, intimidation, or harassment of other users.
・ Please note that if any of the above prohibitions are recognized, we may consider you to be forcibly withdrawn.

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